In order to compete on a global scale, small businesses need so much more than a great website. A customized site is just a starting point. Keeping that site current, filled with relevant content, and responsive is a full time job in itself. Most small business owners are busy operating their business, so the website is often neglected, and starts to become ineffective. In addition to a website, social media pages are essential, and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are required to get high rankings. Hiring different agencies to manage all those aspects of the internet can get expensive quickly. Letting the internet presence falter is also expensive for the business because rankings slip, traffic decreases, and new leads are not generated.

There is an alternative that helps small businesses across industries improve marketing and sales productivity (MSP) without spending a lot of time, effort, and money. An agency provides complete MSP internet marketing services that are customized for a small set up fee and one low monthly payment. There are no contracts to sign, and no penalties for service cancellation. A professional website can be designed and operating within four weeks, rather than the process taking months. If the business has a website, a free site report can being the process of establishing services. The website may only need updating or a change in layout, or it may need to be taken down, and recreated from the ground up.

Once the website is established, an entire internet presence is built, managed, and tracked. A dedicated project manager, unlimited page copy-writing, content migration assistance, and on-site SEO keywords are included for each business. Updating and management services available are unlimited updates, ongoing SEO support, twenty-four hour live chat service, a manged email newsletter, monthly analytical and detailed reports. Social media pages, blog articles, and monitoring services are also included. The agency provides online marketing services for architecture firms, new websites and SEO for accountants, and complete services for many other industries. Improving marketing and sales for small businesses does not have to cost a small fortune. Business owners can spend more time operating their business, and leave the internet marketing to the professionals.